Filled with the Spirit, here is who we are trying to be:

  • We are an ecumenical, diverse group of people from all walks of life
    who are not afraid to ask questions about our spirituality  in the 21st Century.
  •  We are not afraid to challenge the traditions of the past
    with new cosmologies and sciences,
    but at the same time willing to learn from them with our own experiences.  
  • We live in this cosmos of constant change and complexity
    and accept these challenges to expand and form our consciences
    knowing that we are being empowered to be co-creators of this planet.
  • We seek the truth and the oneness that comes from our own internal wisdom,
     from all faith traditions and from science,
    all of which are often beyond the formalized dogmas and doctrines of the past.
  • We ask thought provoking questions
    and try to keep our minds open to the wisdom we hear from others.
  • We welcome people from all faith traditions
    and those without any faith tradition
    and those who left childhood traditions. 
    “We are spiritual beings learning to be better human beings” – TOGETHER.

Our beginning came as a result of a joint effort between the Roman Catholic reform group, 
Call to Action, and the United Methodist study group, Kairos.  We started with a DVD program called “Living the Questions” for anyone interested in hearing progressive perspectives of people like John Shelby SpongMarcus Borg,  John Dominic CrossanTex Sample,  and many others, as they looked at the questions facing Christians and Christianity today.  Out of that experience, Christians with Questions was born in 2006. 

We are still meeting twice a month offering various DVDs on various topics always followed with an open discussion.   Presently we are only meeting on Zoom twice a month, usually on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at 9:30am CDT.  Look at our page of “Previous Presentations” to get a feel for the variety of topics and presenters that we have opened up for each other.

 We truly miss the live human interaction along with the coffee and snacks that were served.  Hopefully those days will come back soon, although I suspect we will need to go hybrid with Zoom for those who cannot physically be present.

If you are interested in being on our mail list for future presentations, please fill out our “Contact page”.   For each presentation the info on the topic and presenter are sent out ahead of time along with our Zoom link.